Sandi Thomas

Artist Statement:

Colors and shapes have always intrigued me. As long as I can remember I have loved the feel of a pencil, crayon, or brush in my hand. My passion for art comes from my heart and soul. I awake each morning with visions of new art I want to create. Through the years I have experimented with many mediums. Recently I found a new technique which is an ancient art form. Encaustic Wax Painting. this technique was notably used in the Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt around 100-300 AD. I am devoting my time to learning all I can about this art form.

About Me:

I am a native of North Carolina, born in High Point, NC. I chose Nursing as a Career after a near death experience at the age of 17. My first choice was a career in fashion design, but I was led down a different path.  After 34 years in nursing I decided it was time to move on to another challenge. My husband and I bought a house in Yadkinville, NC in 2005. We renovated and turned it into a Bed and Breakfast. As you can see I am not afraid of a challenge and I like change. Now it is time to devote my time to my art.

I never had the time to devote to taking classes in art while I was nursing, therefore a lot of my art experience has been self taught experimentation, classes and workshops.


Current Artistic Achievements:

Displaying my art on the Red Wall Gallery at the Cultural Arts Center.

Selling my first piece of art which was a white on white mixed media piece called “Lost in Winter”.

Displayed a piece of my Alcohol Ink work in a show at Wilkes Art Galley in April of 2015.

Teaching classes for Cafe A La Carte in the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center.

Community program for Yadkin County, Senior Art at three Senior Centers every other month. They get to complete an art or craft and take it home with them.

Studio Focus:

I was blessed in 2014 to be able to acquire a small Studio space at the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center in Yadkinville , NC.  I started with watercolor, found alcohol inks, liked mixed media and then in November of 2014 took a class in Encaustic Wax Painting. Finding this medium intriguing and amazing I have found my passion.

In Studio E  I plan to continue my love of the arts. Concentrating on increasing my knowledge of Encaustic Wax Painting and expressing my heart and soul through this medium.

My Studio hours are Monday through Friday 12 noon until 4:00pm, or by appointment.



I offer classes in Alcohol Ink, Watercolor, and Mixed Media.

Contact Info

240 East Main St. THE YARD Studio E
Yadkinville, North Carolina 27055

Phone: 336-701-7130