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Jan 2017 show

Melody in the heART by Natalia Leigh

Natalia was born and raised in Russia and with all the dreams of a young girl she displayed great talent for art thus she began to explore what she could do with this. After finishing high school she entered art College in Ryazon where she earned a four year degree and graduated in 1981.
Arriving in the USA in 2005 looking for a better life and a chance to better herself she painted pictures for private customers for the Church of Christ in Cleveland Ohio. This is also where she became an American citizen.
She moved to Charlotte in 2012 and she currently works as an LPN Nurse and paints in her spare time.
“The name of my work is ‘The Melody of the Heart’,” Natalia said. “I am a musician, as well, and see the art in music. I can hear the melody in the rain knocking on my window, melody of the ocean playing with the sand, melody of the spring flowers that are happy with a morning sunshine. I am trying to put this melody in all my pictures.”

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Black Square

Dissolving the Black Square: Georges le Chevallier’s Shibui Series

Opening Reception: Friday, March 10 from 6-9 PM | Reservation recommended

Shibui: (adjective) a Japanese word describing the subjective sensation produced by simple beauty; the subtle or unobtrusive; to appreciate an experience or aesthetic based on its own character and virtue

Through a melding of the Japanese notion of shibui—or the appreciation of the simplicity and character of elements and experiences, gastronomy, and Kazamir Malevich’s fabled Black Square, Georges le Chevallier’s Shibui series makes visual his desire to change human relations to technology. By making excess unnecessary and devoid of meaning, le Chevallier’s series showcases simplicity with an edge of wit and humor to make the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center’s Welborn Gallery walls vibrant with color and the shape of the square.

The exhibition is on display 3 March–29 April 2017 and the opening reception will be Friday, March 10 from 6–9 pm. Join the artist for an evening of culinary delights from the Third Branch Café’s shibui themed menu, live music, and local wine.


UNMENTIONABLE: The Things We Want to Hide

In honor of National Underwear Day (5 August) 2017, the Yadkin Arts and Cultural Center’s Welborn Gallery examines the enigmas in all of us through the exhibition UNMENTIONABLE: The Things We Want to Hide. The installation will feature a wide range of approaches to the theme investigated in a variety of media from artists across the United States. Creatives of all genres are invited to participate through the submission of works that engage variations of the “unmentionable.” Pieces pertaining to identity, the everyday, and alternative materials or art practices are strongly encouraged.

 For more information on the show and submitting, click HERE.

Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Welborn Gallery Exhibitions

We are accepting portfolio submissions for exhibitions in the 2017-2018 exhibit years. Please click HERE for submission guidelines.