The Welborn Gallery:

Current Exhibit:

Filament: New Work from Tapestry Weavers South

From the upholstery in our cars to the fluffy towels that dry us fibers in our lives are overlooked and cast aside in quotidian American life. Through an examination of tapestry, the Yadkin Arts and Cultural Center’s Welborn Gallery proudly presents Filament: New Works from the Tapestry Weavers South, an exhibition re-examining our relationship to textiles. Taking fibers from our daily use to the gallery’s walls, viewers can explore Filament beginning April 29 until July 31 2017. Bound by the presence of fiber and thread, Filament ties together the imaginative with the tangible through tapestry. As the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center’s Second Annual Fiber Showcase, this exhibition highlights the newest and most vibrant visualizations in Southern tapestry.

Upcoming Exhibit:

BOUNCE: A Painting Exhibition by Brennen Lieske

Opens Friday, August 4th at 5:30 PM

BOUNCE presents the tools of childhood play to spark dialogues about early influences, the toys of the past, and the adults that grow out of them. Play has been observed in all mammals as an instinct that is vital to early development. Moments in play can determine emotional relationships, social behaviors, and provide more flexible, responsive, and creative brains. By analyzing the past, predictions can be made about how play is changing and the effects it will have on minds of the future.



 Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Welborn Gallery Exhibitions

We are accepting portfolio submissions for exhibitions in the 2017-2018 exhibit years. Please contact jody@yadkinarts.org for more information.