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Located on the Plaza you will find the art studios of our resident artists.  These are working studios that are open to the public.  All artists post their hours so you know when you can visit.

You will find a wide variety of art in these studios.  We have painters, mixed media, encaustics, alcohol ink, fused glass and mosaics.

Studio A/B is Lisa Reavis Drum
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11-4

Studio C is Lynn MacMartin
Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10-3

Studio D is Leslie Fesperman
Hours: Tuesday-Thurday, 12-4

Studio E/F is Jody Pounds
Hours: Monday – Friday, 10-3

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Welcome to Studio A/B – artistic home of Lisa Reavis Drum

Drum Studio 2I have leapt once again into the abyss of creative expression, after a career of marketing strategy.  Now, I dream of reality made abstract, weaving small slices of life that I magnify until the interplay of color, texture and pattern within are revealed.  First imagined are the colors – reflecting the emotional foundation.  Is the color palette to be complimentary, discordant, or neutral varies with the subject, but is always bold and charismatic.  Next I layer in texture, expressed in fabrics, fibers, paint, wire and beading.  Last I add a dash of complexity, and chaos embedded with stability – through infusion of patterns and unexpected materials.

Studio Focus:

Parched from a long drought of artistic expression, I am greedy in the conception and creation of my arts and crafts, jumping frequently from project to project, medium to medium and back and forth from art to craft and back again…  Currently I dabble in many forms of textiles, as well as plastics, acrylic painting, paper, metal, and aluminum cans.

My studio is usually open to the public Wednesday through Friday 10:00 – 4:00, or by appointment anytime.  My studio space is not only the place where I create art, but also my artisan gallery.  I create and sell a wide range of items, with a price range from $15.00 pendants to $500.00 wall hangings, and frankly a little of everything in-between.  You can also commission the perfect unique piece too, designed especially for you.


I love teaching and sharing arts and crafts techniques.  Currently I have several classes that you can take including:  Beginning Fabric Collage, Fabric Pendants, Paper Flowers, Floor Cloths, and Calligraphy.  New classes are under development including Macrame, Batik, and Christmas Ornaments.

About me:

Born and raised in Yadkin County, I was recognized at an early age as an artist. Returning to Yadkin County after graduation from UNN – Greensboro, I devoted my first career to creating and implementing one-to-one Database Marketing Strategy and Tactics for a Fortune 100 company.  Now, fully immersed in my second career, I continue to explore creative expression through multimedia art and writing.

Current Artistic Achievements:

Yadkin Cultural Center Juried Show  2014

Yadkin Center Juried Show 2013

VAE (Visual Arts Exchange) Juried Show – Unfettered 2013

Yadkin Cultural Center YA

Welcome to Studio C – artistic home of Lynn MacMartin

Studio C

Being an artist
is not a place that you reach;
it is an everyday process
of creating art and
presenting that art to the world.
Enjoy the process
and congratulate yourself
on having the wisdom
and the courage
to spend your life
doing what you love.

~Author Unknown~

Artist Statement

I believe each person has the ability to create and share BEAUTY. So many people say to me they can’t paint or they are not creative, but being an artist is just a point of view. All it takes is courage to believe that all things are possible.

Studio Focus

I love the arts and all its forms of expression. Integrating music, art, theater and writing into my works has brought such great insights into many ways of self expression. It is my focus to continue to allow Spirit to move through me offering a myriad of new possibilities in the creation of new art and ideas.


I am available to teach individual and small groups in my studio. I also like to find creative ways to work with individuals in the “Art of Soul Painting” Workshops.  I am open to the public Wednesday – Fridays; 10am to 4 pm or by appointment.

About Me

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I have over 35 years experience in many art forms. I was a musical director for 20 years before moving to the United States in 1994.  I like to write poetry and short stories; play several instruments, of which piano is my favorite. I have a degree in Fine Arts/Theater Major from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After pursuing so many artistic forms, I decided that painting was another avenue for self- expression that I wished to explore. I studied art privately for several years in the Washington DC area. My work has been shown in Maryland, Northern Virginia and North Carolina.

Integrating music, writing, theatre and painting experiences has brought new insights into the incredible value of the arts as vehicles for self-expression.

Welcome to Studio D – artistic home of Leslie Fesperman

Located  on the plaza of the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Studio D  features textiles and supplies available for purchase, including one-of-a-kind hand dyed upcycled clothing, cotton and silk scarves, and hand woven items. Handweavers  can  find supplies for their projects, including hand dyed yarns,  and Schacht weaving equipment.

Leslie’s studio consists of various floor and tapestry looms and a dye station. Retail and Yadkin Valley Fiber Room Office hours are TuesdayThursday 12 – 4 pm or by appointment.  If traveling, it is recommended you contact Leslie and confirm the hours and availability of the products or supplies.

Leslie is a student of Olds College’s Master Weaving Satellite Program held at the Yadkin Valley Fiber Room.

She is also the recipient of The 2017 Duke Energy Regional Artist Grant for her continued study in tapestry.


Welcome to Studio E/F – artistic home of Jody Pounds

Pounds Studio

Artist Statement:

The varieties of color and texture in glass have held me captive since 2001, but my love for “piecing” dates back to my childhood.  Some of my fondest memories are from a time when every winter my grandfather would bring out and set up my grandmothers quilting frame.  Through the long, cold Indiana winters she would spend the bulk of her days bent over her quilt frame creating beautiful works of art, instilling in me a passion I wouldn’t know I possessed until much later in life.  That passion came out in the form of mosaics.  In 2013 I was able to embark on a different glass journey – the making of kiln fused glass.  With kiln fusing I am able to actually bend the glass resulting in a fluidity that I can’t accomplish in mosaics.

Studio Focus:

Since moving into my studio in 2010, it has morphed into the wonderful, creative space it is today.  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity at this stage in my life and very much enjoy sharing my love of glass with students.

Studio F is a place where I continue to grow in my art journey and when I can, I share my knowledge with others – offering classes in both mosaics and fused glass.  When not teaching, I strive to reach beyond my boundaries learning new techniques and trying new technology by creating unique pieces for sale or exhibit.

My studio hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Most Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or by appointment anytime.

About Me:

Born and raised in Indiana, I migrated to Florida before finally finding my home in North Carolina.  For me it is the perfect blend of what I loved about the other places I have lived.  I enjoyed a career in administration work for many wonderful companies, which I still get to dabble in with the work that I do for the Yadkin Arts Council.

I had little choice in learning about glass at the time, so most of my skills are self-taught through extensive online research, reading, and some workshops.

Current Artistic Achievements:

  • Eye of the Artist Juried Art Exhibit – Honorable Mention -2014
  • Eye of the Artist Juried Art Exhibit – 2013
  • Eye of the Artist Juried Art Exhibit – 2012
  • Back to the Garden – Ciel – Charlotte – 2012
  • Eye of the Artist Juried Art Exhibit – 2011
  • YARD Exhibit – Welborn Gallery – 2011
  • Opened public studio at Yadkin Cultural Arts Center – 2010

Check out my website for more information.