Join the Yadkin Arts Council this August for a month long series of art class “sampler sessions” that will offer attendees the opportunity to explore their creative outlets by experiencing a variety of different art mediums at a low cost. All classes will be held in Studio E/F at the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center.

All Classes are only $15 each!!

*This program was made possible through the support of the NC Community Foundation – Yadkin Legacy Fund*

To Register for Classes, please scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the registration form – OR – call 336-679-2941 (extension 1) to register over the phone.

Intro to Acyrlic Pouring

with Sarah Smith & Lisa Drum

This Class  is FULL

8/1/24 (1-3:30pm)

Acrylic Paint Pouring is fun, easy, fast, and incredibly beautiful. Your instructors will demonstrate multiple acrylic paint pouring techniques. Plus we will show class how to create a pendant using dried acrylic pour paint! Students will create two 9” x 12” paintings plus a dried paint pendant.

Pen & Ink Session 1

with Sandra Kimzey Wimbish

This Class is FULL

8/5/24 (9:30am-12pm)

Ink is an amazing medium that can produce highly detailed drawings. Used alone or combined with other mediums, it might be what’s missing in your art practices.

Introduction of tools—crow quill pen and dip ink. Tips and practice to get familiar with them; learn the different strokes/patterns and apply them to several projects.

This class assumes no prior experience with pen and ink. (However, if you do have ink experience and want to join, there will be plenty to glean and practice, alternative projects to suit your experience level.)

Pen & Ink Session 2

with Sandra Kimzey Wimbish

8/5/24 (1-3:30pm)

We will tackle a couple of projects—learn how using a variety of pen strokes affects the final product; use different types of paper to lend varied results; combine ink with other mediums (time allowing).

**Please note that this session is best suited for those who are also signing up for session 1 or those who have previous experience with pen & ink or have already taken one of Sandra’s classes before.

About the instructor: Sandra Kimzey Wimbish has been working with pen & ink for more than 40 years. She creates everything from landscapes to still life in this medium, but her favorite subjects to create in ink are animals and people

Chalk Pastels

with Bill Gramley

This Class is FULL

8/7/24 (10am-12pm)

Create Vibrant seascapes, autumn forests, and fruit using pastels. No experience required! You should be able to do 3 or 4 small pictures on a variety of scenes and enjoy the colorful results framed!

Fun with Abstracts

with Loie Mechetti

This Class is FULL

8/7/24 (1-4pm)

Drawn to abstract style art and not sure why? Whether you already make art or just enjoy looking, come play together as we explore what makes abstract art so intriguing. We’ll use various mediums and tools to spread, dribble, pour, scrape, splash, draw, etc. No rules. Just play. Don’t forget your apron!

Intro to Watercolor - Mixtures with Primaries

with Sue Boggs

8/8/24 (9am-12pm)

This fun process will allow you to play with color and begin to discover what is possible with watercolor. As a new watercolorist, it can be overwhelming to realize the infinite number of pigments available, and the potential expense involved. In this class you will first be guided in drawing three simple abstract pieces to paint. These pieces will then be used to explore the surprising variety of colors you can make from only three pigments plus water! (Even if you don’t appreciate “abstracts”, working with an abstract design removes the pressure of dealing with subject matter, allowing you to relax and enjoy what you are learning about color. You will also be creating valuable references to use later for either abstract or realistic designs. As a nice bonus, students often really like their results.)

Intro to Resin Art

with Sarah Smith

This Class  is FULL

8/9/24 (9am-12pm)

+ open studio (1-3:30pm)

This class will offer participants an introduction to the fun world of Resin Art. You will learn the all sorts of techniques and more importantly what not to do when working with epoxy resin. Each student will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of silicone molds to create their very own pendants, key chains, and paper weights. All supplies and materials will be included. Students registered for this class are invited to use the studio that afternoon at no extra charge if they would like to take any extra time with pouring their resin. The art created in this class will need to cure for at least 24-48 hours before you will be able to take them home.

Intermediate Watercolor

with Sam Stitcher

8/12/24 (1-4pm)

This class is for experienced watercolor artists. Class objective is to learn several techniques to improve the quality of your art. Materials will be available, but students are encouraged to bring any additional materials they may like to test out. Painting exercises will employ techniques taught in class.

Techniques to learn: Masking methods; Lifting techniques; Use of gouache to highlight; Spattering; How to create sense of distance; How to create Shadows; Ink and Wash techniques; How to paint winter scenes and snow; How to paint clouds; Ways to help improve drawing techniques

Felted Wool Holiday Gnome

with Judy Wilson

8/13/24 (1-4pm)

You will learn how to use a barbed needle and wool to create a Gnome for the Holiday of your choice. No experience is necessary to create your favorite holiday bearded character. Be thinking about Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4 th of July, Fall/Halloween or Christmas and you have the choice of exactly how you want to decorate the Gnome. Come “poke wool” with me and we’ll have some fun!

Introduction to Colored Pencil as a Fine Art Medium

with Susan Morris

8/15/24 (9am-12pm)

Ready to take your artwork with colored pencils up a notch? Perhaps you’ve tried adult coloring books, or you’re just ready to unleash your inner artist! Then join Susan Morris, colored pencil artist and instructor, as she unveils her love for colored pencil medium. In this class, you will learn about artist-grade colored pencils, techniques/strokes used, and basic information to give you a starting foundation as a colored pencil artist.

Painting on Tea Bags

with Valerie Oberle

This Class is FULL

8/15/24 (1-4pm)

Who would have thought painting on used clean tea bags would be so much fun and very unique! You will learn how to prepare the tea bag, the types of medium you can use and get the chance to create TWO pieces of art. I will have a handout with many ideas to stimulate your creativity.

Mosaic Panels

with Sarah Smith

Two Spots Left!

8/19/24 (9am-12pm)

+ open studio (1-3:30pm) & (10am-3:30pm on 8/20/24)

This class is an introduction to Mosaic art. Students will learn about the different materials, processes, and techniques in creating a mosaic. Materials will be provided to create an 8″x8″ Mosaic Glass on Wood Panel during this class. Additional studio time will be provided at no charge on Monday afternoon, as well as through the day on Tuesday for those who would like to take more time to work on their project.

*Please note that it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before applying grout to your mosaic – students will be given options to complete their mosaics after the intial instruction period.

Line Drawing: Learning to See

with Sue Boggs

8/21/24 (10am-12pm)

Would you like to learn to draw–for your own entertainment, as part of a journal, or to make finished works of art? This process can give you a place to begin. Each student is asked to bring two or three small to medium-sized objects from home to be shared across the class. Possibilities would be kitchen items, small houseplants, objects from nature, fruits, vegetables–anything with interesting shapes, but nothing easily broken please. You will learn to draw without self-criticism, which is often what keeps us from trying, or convinces us to give up. You will gain confidence in your ability as you learn to see.

Painting with Resin & Glass

with Judy Wilson

8/21/24 (1-4pm)

Join our fun Frosty the Snowman class using acrylic paints, glass beads, mosaic glass
tiles and poured resin. This will be on an 8 X 10 canvas. You will need to leave your
art piece at least overnight to dry before moving.
No experience necessary!

Watercolor Notecards

with Sam Stitcher

8/22/24 (1-4pm)

This class is for both beginners and intermediate watercolor artists. Class objective is to learn how to paint greeting or holiday cards using 4×6 or 5×7 watercolor paper. Materials will be available, but students are encouraged to bring any additional materials they may like to test out. Painting exercises will employ techniques taught in class.

Techniques to Learn: How to find resource materials and cataloging them for paintings; Types of greeting cards and art for them (Thank You, Sympathy, Friendship, Christmas, Holiday, Birthday, etc.); Learn composition, style, formatting; How to paint realistic vs. loose; Learn different text techniques: calligraphy, handwriting, printing; Ways to make printed vs. original for holiday cards.

Collage with a Twist

with Valerie Oberle

8/26/24 (9am-12pm)

Have fun tearing papers and images to create a cool collage art then add layering with interesting household shapes and items for unexpected results! We will use magazines, napkins, envelopes and other fun items to creat art. Various paint media will be available for further enhancements. Warning…collage is addicting!

Chalk Pastels Expanded

with Bill Gramley

This Class is FULL

8/27/24 (10am-12pm)

Create Vibrant seascapes, autumn forests, and fruit using pastels. No experience required! You should be able to do 3 or 4 small pictures on a variety of scenes and enjoy the colorful results framed! In addition to the teacher’s suggested pictures you are welcome to bring subject matter you would like to draw.

One-of-a-Kind Colored Pencil Wood Ornaments and Bookmarks

with Susan Morris

8/27/24 (1-4pm)

Get ready for a blast of creativity in this wood ornament and bookmark class! Using colored pencils, Susan will show you how to jazz up stamped ornaments and bookmarks that will make your friends and family go “Wow!” These projects aren’t just fun; they’re also perfect for giving as gifts (Christmas is coming!) or adding a splash of charm to your home. Plus, you’ll explore the art of colored pencils in a whole new way, letting your imagination run wild and showing off your unique style. Join us for a lively and relaxed class where you can jump into the colorful world of colored pencils.

Pop Art Portraits

with Lisa Drum

8/28/24 (1-3pm)

Immortalize your favorite person or pet with a hip and cool portrait! In this easy Pop Art Class, you will create TWO fun and unique 8″ x 10″ portraits using mixed media of photocopies, paint and colored papers. You can create two contrasting pieces of the same photo (ala Andy Warhol) OR create two totally unique masterpieces using different photos. Lisa Drum will turn your submitted photo(s) into black art on colored copier papers. Then in class you will paint a fun background for each portrait before cutting out your portrait photocopies and affixing them to the background. Final step will be adding a protective topcoat.

Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

with Bryan Rierson

8/29/24 (10am-12pm)

Embrace the happy accidents and imperfections of the Polaroid emulsion lift process!

Once thought to be a thing of the past, Polaroid has made a comeback in recent years and we are once again able to experiment with Polaroid film to create unique pieces of art from our photos! This seminar will guide you through the process of lifting the emulsion from a Polaroid print and applying it to watercolor paper. Between intentional manipulation of the fragile emulsion and the inevitable “happy accidents” you can produce interesting or surreal images. All you need is a photo on your smartphone, everything else is provided. We use the Polaroid Lab to “print” your photo onto the new I-Type film, then lift and float the image in water in order to apply it to the paper. Each artist can manipulate the photo to their heart’s content to produce truly one-of-a-kind images.


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