Paint, Pastel, Pen and Ink, Watercolor |

    Being an artist
    is not a place that you reach;
    it is an everyday process
    of creating art and
    presenting that art to the world.
    Enjoy the process
    and congratulate yourself
    on having the wisdom
    and the courage
    to spend your life
    doing what you love.

    ~Author Unknown~

    Artist Statement

    I believe each person has the ability to create and share BEAUTY. So many people say to me they can’t paint or they are not creative, but being an artist is just a point of view. All it takes is courage to believe that all things are possible.

    Studio Focus

    I love the arts and all its forms of expression. Integrating music, art, theater and writing into my works has brought such great insights into many ways of self expression. It is my focus to continue to allow Spirit to move through me offering a myriad of new possibilities in the creation of new art and ideas.


    I am available to teach individual and small groups in my studio. I also like to find creative ways to work with individuals in the “Art of Soul Painting” Workshops.  I am open to the public Wednesday – Fridays; 10am to 4 pm or by appointment.

    About Me

    Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I have over 35 years experience in many art forms. I was a musical director for 20 years before moving to the United States in 1994.  I like to write poetry and short stories; play several instruments, of which piano is my favorite. I have a degree in Fine Arts/Theater Major from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After pursuing so many artistic forms, I decided that painting was another avenue for self- expression that I wished to explore. I studied art privately for several years in the Washington DC area. My work has been shown in Maryland, Northern Virginia and North Carolina.

    Integrating music, writing, theatre and painting experiences has brought new insights into the incredible value of the arts as vehicles for self-expression.