Sounds of the Mountains Series – His & Hers with special guests Molly McGinn & The Woodshed Experience – in partnership with the Blue Ridge Music Center Saturday, January 27 @ 7:30pm / $20


His & Hers is a husband and wife fronted Americana folk band from Davie County (Mocksville) North Carolina.  Caleb and Sara Davis have been playing together as His & Hers since 2013.  They have released three albums, including their latest  “Come On In” which came out in 2022. They’ve performed at Merlefest, Carolina in the Fall, and at The Blue Ridge Music Center and shared the stage with Scythian, The Steeldrivers, Zoe and Cloyd and many more.


Molly McGinn & the Woodshed Experience

For musicians, the term “woodshed” means to take a song and work it out in solitude. Take the time to craft it and practice, without distraction until it can be performed perfectly. But this music project took the music and the musicians out of the woodshed and put it on a stage to create a live song-crafting experience that lets everyone in on the musical process. Once a week, Molly McGinn and a talented stable of musicians and friends including Dave Willis, Jared Church, Nathan Turner and DaShawn Hickman, met up to woodshed new song ideas in front of a live audience. The result is a sound that comes from countless hours of spontaneous composition and arrangement that evolved gradually over time. As you listen, you’ll hear both the improvised elements and the extensive effort invested in crafting original music, forged on the fly, and in the fire.

*Presented in Parntership with the Blue Ridge Music Center*

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