John Willingham was born and raised in Winston-Salem, the City of the Arts. He will tell you that his keen interest in the arts has absolutely nothing to do any artistic ability of his own. He does, however, have a deep appreciation for those special individuals with an ability to create something that stirs feelings and emotions.

John loves a good painting, a moving stage performance or a melodious concert. Through years of exposure to the arts, he has come to appreciate good art and to value it.

His strong commitment to the arts has led to his presidency of the Yadkin Arts Council and a membership on the board of the North Carolina Arts Council

For the past eight years, John’s focus has been to provide a venue where the arts can thrive, a place where artists feel welcome and want to express themselves, a place where audiences eagerly come to learn and appreciate. The Yadkin Cultural Arts Center is such a place.

John moved his fourth-generation company, Indera Mills, to Yadkinville beginning in 1990 and completed the move in 1998. His wife, Donna, was born in Yadkin County and the two work side by side. As the owner of a company previously located in Winston-Salem for three generations he felt a responsibility to lay down roots here coupled with a desire to give back to the community that welcomed him and Indera Mills.

The Yadkin Cultural Arts Center is John Willingham’s dream come true. His hope is that its place in the community will forever be meaningful.

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