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Yadkin Arts - Red Wall Gallery
Yadkin Arts - Red Wall Gallery
Yadkin Arts - Red Wall Gallery

Sandra Kimzey Wimbish: Stripes, Spots, and Such: a celebration of the animal kingdom

On Display January 4 – February 16, 2024

This exhibition consists of two unique bodies of work, a Two Color series of acrylic canvases, and a selection of  pen and ink animal pieces. 

Two Color Series: This series was inspired by a grainy photograph in the travel section of the local newspaper retelling someone’s African safari. Countless zebras became almost a blur, and caused Sandra to wonder what would happen if you removed all borders and outlines, and forced the viewer’s eye to use the black and white stripes and complete the picture. That was 2010, and in the intervening years she has explored variations with numerous animals that can be reduced to their patterns: giraffes, white tigers, cheetahs, leopards, and of course, the original zebras. 

Animal Ink Works: Portraying animals in pen and ink shows them off from an intense vantage point—where a concrete, defined creature is represented by abstract and overlapping marks, dots, lines, whorls, etc. through layer upon layer of well-placed ink as well as the essential usage of negative space. Viewers are necessarily invited to get up close and personal to each piece in order to take in tiny details, notice the inconspicuous, and discover the less than obvious.

An opening reception on Friday, January 5, 2024 will be held from 5-7pm to celebrate this exhibit along with Owens Daniels’ More Than Just a Picture exhibit in the Welborn Gallery. Refreshments will be served.

Free Admission, all are welcome to attend.  

Want to learn more about Pen & Ink Art? Join us on Saturday, February 3rd for Sandra’s workshop – Ink: Techniques & Practice. For more information and to register click HERE

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Yadkin Arts - Red Wall Gallery

Yadkin Arts Council “ArtMe” Showcase

A Collection of works by the Yadkin Arts Council Artist Members – On Display February 22 – April 5, 2024

A Yadkin Arts Council Artist Member is an artist from Yadkin or the surrounding counties who has an interest in producing, selling, teaching, and joining a network of other artists facilitated by the Arts Council staff. In addition to being included in this annual “ArtMe” showcase, our members are invited to showcase as many mediums as they like on the Red Wall Gallery throughout the year. Other benefits include opportunities to teach classes, discounts on taking classes, and quarterly ArtMe events such as luncheons, workshops, and gatherings.

For more information or to sign up as a Yadkin Arts Council Artist Member click HERE

If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the Red Wall Gallery please email us at

Want to Display Your Art in our Red Wall Gallery?

When you become an Artist Member, you have the opportunity to display your work here in our Red Wall Gallery and inspire visitors with your art. Any patrons of The Center Bistro, which varies from frequent Yadkin Cultural Arts Center visitors to volunteers, to tourists, will have a chance to see and admire your work.

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Yadkin Arts - Red Wall Gallery

All pieces displayed on our Red Wall Gallery are for sale

You’ll always have the chance to experience something new with our wide variety of local artists featured here at the Red Wall Gallery. These exhibits change on an ongoing basis, featuring our Artist Members, local students and our YARD (Yadkin ARts District) Artists.

As part of the Yadkin Arts Council mission to enrich the lives of every citizen of Yadkin County through the arts, we also encourage our citizens, and tourists alike, to take that enrichment home with them as well. When you purchased a piece of work that speaks to you, you’re not only improving your home, but you’re also supporting local artists and their dream.

We take every opportunity to provide the citizens of Yadkin County with compelling and inspiring art, especially art created by their talented neighbors. The Red Wall Gallery is located inside our eclectic restaurant, The Center Bistro, and displays the work of our resident artists and other local artists.


Visit our Red Wall Gallery and experience the talent we have in our community!