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The Red Wall has gone to the Dogs!

(and Cats and Horses and More!)

Have you ever seen such a fabulous collection of Pet Portraits?

These amazing beautiful portraits were created by the students of Lisa Reavis Drum’s Paint Your Pet classes.

Since July 2016, more than 30 classes and 160 portraits have been created in this workshop!  Though ages range from 10 to 70 and students have come from near to far…there has been one constant across all students – a shared LOVE of our Pets.


Interested in painting Your Pet?

Check our website for more details

or pickup a flyer at our class display beside of the Box Office desk in the Welborn Gallery.

Here at the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center...

We take every opportunity to provide the citizens of Yadkin County with compelling and inspiring art, especially art created by their talented neighbors. This gallery is located inside our eclectic restaurant, The Center Bistro, and it’s the newest gallery of the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center. It allows you to explore even more pieces of art created in our vibrant and expressive community.

The Red Wall Gallery displays the work of our resident artists and other local artists.

Want to Display Your Art in our Red Wall Gallery?

When you become an Artist Member, you have the opportunity to display your work here in our Red Wall Gallery and inspire visitors with your art. Any patrons of The Center Bistro, which varies from frequent Yadkin Cultural Arts Center visitors to volunteers, to tourists, will have a chance to see and admire your work.

All pieces displayed on our Red Wall Gallery are for sale

You’ll always have the chance to experience something new with our wide variety of local artists featured here at the Red Wall Gallery. These exhibits change on an ongoing basis, featuring our Artist Members, local students and our YARD (Yadkin ARts District) Artists. 

As part of the Yadkin Arts Council mission to enrich the lives of every citizen of Yadkin County through the arts, we also encourage our citizens, and tourists alike, to take that enrichment home with them as well. When you purchased a piece of work that speaks to you, you’re not only improving your home, but you’re also supporting local artists and their dream. 

Visit our Red Wall Gallery and experience the talent we have in our community!