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ArtME Showcase

A Collection by the Yadkin Arts Council “ArtMe” Artist Members

Check out the lasted compilation of pieces by the Yadkin Arts Council’s “ArtMe” Artist Members. Featuring mixed media, fiber, acrylic paintings, and more!

Cryptology Mystery / Lisa Reavis Drum / Acrylic Pouring / $75
Red Tulips with Spilled Cherries / Ellen F. Reece / $180
The Race / Ellen F. Reece / Oil on Panel / $190
Funky Trio / Margaret Webster-Shapiro / Acrylic / $100
Ice and Fire / Lisa Reavis Drum / Acrylic Pouring / $85
2 Hearts = 1 Love / Judy Wilson / Wet Felting and Needle Felting / $40
I Love Ewe / Judy Wilson / Wet Felting and Needle Felting / $40
Wisps from the Furnace / Margaret Webster-Shapiro / Acrylic / $58
Spanish Arch / Barbara Mellin / Oil / $220
Red Wood Path / Barbara Rizza Mellin / Oil $250
Wild Sunflowers / Ellen F. Reece / Oil on Canvas / $80
Storm on the Sea / Charlotte Willhite / Pastel / $150
Sunset on the Pasture / Judy Wilson / Wet and Needle Felting / $85
Resting (Boats) / Barbara Rizza Mellin / Oil / $250
Prance - Dance / Margaret Webster-Shapiro / Acrylic / $70
Spring Flowers from My Garden / Ellen R. Reece / Oil on Line / $125
Lillies / Charlotte Willhite / Pastel / $225
Pansies in a Clay Pot / Ellen F. Reece / Oil on Linen / $125
Air Show / Charlotte Willhite / Pastel / $150
So Delightful / Beth L. Holcomb / Alcohol Inks on Photo Paper / $115
Morning Bliss / Beth L. Holcomb / Alcohol Inks on Photo Paper / $75
Burst of Spring / Beth L. Holcomb / Alcohol Inks on Photo Paper / $115

If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the Red Wall Gallery please email us at

Here at the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center...

We take every opportunity to provide the citizens of Yadkin County with compelling and inspiring art, especially art created by their talented neighbors. This gallery is located inside our eclectic restaurant, The Center Bistro, and it’s the newest gallery of the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center. It allows you to explore even more pieces of art created in our vibrant and expressive community.

The Red Wall Gallery displays the work of our resident artists and other local artists.

Want to Display Your Art in our Red Wall Gallery?

When you become an Artist Member, you have the opportunity to display your work here in our Red Wall Gallery and inspire visitors with your art. Any patrons of The Center Bistro, which varies from frequent Yadkin Cultural Arts Center visitors to volunteers, to tourists, will have a chance to see and admire your work.

All pieces displayed on our Red Wall Gallery are for sale

You’ll always have the chance to experience something new with our wide variety of local artists featured here at the Red Wall Gallery. These exhibits change on an ongoing basis, featuring our Artist Members, local students and our YARD (Yadkin ARts District) Artists. 

As part of the Yadkin Arts Council mission to enrich the lives of every citizen of Yadkin County through the arts, we also encourage our citizens, and tourists alike, to take that enrichment home with them as well. When you purchased a piece of work that speaks to you, you’re not only improving your home, but you’re also supporting local artists and their dream. 

Visit our Red Wall Gallery and experience the talent we have in our community!