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- A Stained Glass Exhibit by Michael Isley -

On display in the Welborn Gallery May 5 - June 24, 2022

Light is the catalyst that brings stained glass to life. While any stained glass piece can be beautiful on its own, it takes on a different persona when light shines through its various colors, texture and shapes. It dances. It sparkles. It dazzles. It even inspires. Light to stained glass is like the yeast in bread, or the rum in eggnog. There’s nothing wrong with any of those things by themselves, but adding this outside ingredient makes it that much better. When stained glass art is displayed in a gallery or a studio, it’s not always possible or practical to hang it in a window or to add backlighting. This challenges you, the patron, the viewer, the art aficionado, to use your imagination. See the patterns transforming…the colors shimmering…the design stirring as it comes to life in your mind’s eye. Let there be light!



Michael Isley lives in Winston Salem with his husband of twenty-two years and their three rescue Maltese. Originally from the Greensboro area, he has always had a passion for visual art, decorating and designing. His affinity for stained glass was sparked by the many beautiful stained-glass windows seen in churches. In addition to these in our own community and across the U.S., Michael’s travels have allowed him to study the stained glass found in a number of churches and cathedrals in Western Europe, and more recently, in Havana, Cuba.    


Michael turned his interest into skill by taking classes at Winston-Salem’s Sawtooth School for Visual Art. He learned that crafting a stained-glass piece involves more work than most would realize. It takes a significant amount of time to make a single piece, from the creative process of drawing the design and choosing glass colors and textures to the hands-on process of cutting, grinding, soldering and many other steps required to complete it, but Michael feels like it is worth the time and effort. “In the end, when it is done and you can hold it up and see the light coming through to illuminate all the different colors and textures, it really is breathtaking. And it’s fulfilling to know it’s your creation!”


Michael has work on display in several triad area galleries. One of his pieces was awarded first place in a Second Spring show a few years ago, and he was recently awarded the “People’s Choice” award in the Yadkin Arts Council’s 2021 Juried Exhibition. In addition to creating self-styled pieces for sale, he does custom commission work for home or office décor and for gifts. He specializes in abstract and mosaic designs.  


Music is Michael’s other avocation. He enjoys playing piano and organ and has sung in several choruses over the years. When he’s not inside working on stained glass in his home studio or playing the keyboard, he can likely be found outside tending to the yard and adding plants and flowers to his garden. Michael thinks that everyone should try as many different things in their life as possible that have to do with art. “Whether it’s just for fun or something you might want to make a career out of, you never know what creative talents can be unlocked, whether you are young or old.”

The Gallery is open for visitors Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm (Free Admission).

Please email if you are interested in purchasing a piece from one of our gallery exhibits.

On the Schedule for 2022…

2022 Welborn Gallery Schedule:


“The Colors of Winter”: January 13 – March 4

A collection of works by the Yadkin Arts Council’s Artist Members that explores their memories and reflections upon winter, and the colors and moods the season evokes.


“The Fine Art of Colored Pencil”: March 10 – April 29

The Colored Pencil Society of America (NC Chapter) presents a group exhibit that highlights the beautiful and versatile medium of colored pencil.


“Let There Be Light” by Michael Isley: May 5 – June 24

A vibrant stained glass exhibit featuring a variety of colors, textures, and shapes that inspires imagination and displays how light is the catalyst to life.


Yadkin Arts Council 2022 Annual Juried Exhibition: July 15 – September 2

(Featuring Sharon Hardin as Juror)

This competition is a celebration of some of the finest creativity in the state and is open to NC artists aged 18 years and older. $3500 is awarded to the best entries.



“Handmade: A Portrait of an Artist’s Tools” by Bryan Rierson: September 8 – October 28

A large scaled black & white photography exhibit featuring the hands of local artisans displaying their art and the tools they use for their craft.


“Observations and Fantasies” by Sharon Hardin:  November 3 – December 23

An organic watercolor exhibition exploring a visual language through forms inspired by nature, experience, and imagination.

History of the Gallery

The Welborn Gallery was named after Marion and Jewell Welborn of Boonville for the generous lead gift they made to the Center’s capital campaign. The Welborns gifted the final funds needed to close the campaign and make possible the opening of the center.  

About The Gallery

Our Welborn Gallery warmly greets every visitor to the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center as soon as you walk in the building. Our Welborn Gallery is designed to expose residents and visitors to continual and varied 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of art. You can always find something to inspire and challenge you with every visit. The Welborn Gallery operates on the same business hours as the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center: Monday thru Friday (9am-5pm) & during special events. We are closed on major federal holidays.

Guidelines For The Welborn Gallery

Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Exhibitions (2023/2024):

Please send 5 – 7 good quality .jpeg digital images of your work. These images should be a fair representation of the work you wish to exhibit at the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, or similar to work you intend to create for the exhibit. Each image should be labeled with the size of the piece, medium, and title.

In addition to providing examples of your work, we request that you provide us with your website with specific instructions to guide us to the selections of art you wish to exhibit.

Other information we require includes a brief description of your exhibition idea. How many art objects? Is there a theme? You’ll also be required to provide information about yourself, your exhibition experience, and your training, if any.

If you are accepted to exhibit with us, you will need approximately 25 to 30 pieces of art at various sizes. All work must be wired for hanging.

For questions about submitting artwork to exhibit in our gallery please email