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“What Happened”

Houck Medford’s Photographic Witness for Floyd County, Virginia

On display in the Welborn Gallery: January 5 – February 24, 2023

Join us for an opening reception on January 13, 2023 from 5-7pm / FREE Admission / All are welcome to attend!

The Yadkin Arts Council to host “What Happened?” – Houck Medford’s Photographic Witness for Floyd County, Virginia in the Welborn Gallery January 5 through February 24. This collection of platinotypes (platinum prints) is presented in partnership with Special Collections & Archives, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University. Curated by Tsing Liu (’23), Wake Forest University.

Situated on a high plateau adjacent to the Blue Ridge escarpment of Southwest Virginia, Floyd County was officially established in 1831. From the beginning, its economy has been dominated by agriculture. Newcomers and settlers built homes, raised families, attended provincial schools and churches, grew crops, and grazed cattle. But into the 20th century, substantial homes were abandoned leaving the rolling landscape dotted with residences which now no longer have occupants. What happened?


Houck Medford is a native of Waynesville, NC, is a third generation dentist, and a documentary photographer and filmmaker. He attended Wake Forest University and was the first faculty member of the Department of Dentistry at the Wake Forest University Medical Center. In 1997, he created the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation and left the organization in 2010 as CEO Emeritus and Founder. Instilling the power of a well-crafted story from his father and grandfather, he slowly honed the craft of picture making and embraced photography as an art form.. The Houck Medford collection, containing both documentary photographs and artists’ books, is available in Special Collections & Archives at Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University.  


Special Collections & Archives Medford Curatorial Associate Tsing Liu is a senior studying Studio Art and Psychology at Wake Forest University. She has an unwavering passion for connecting with fellow creatives, as well as understanding and sharing their storytelling. Her extensive internship experience at commercial and non-profit art galleries and her perspective as a photographer enriches her unique narrative for curating the documentary photographic collections created by Houck Medford.




More About Artist and Exhibit:


What: What Happened? Houck Medford’s Photographic Witness for Floyd County, Virginia


When: On Display January 5 – February 24, 2023


Reception: January 13, 2023 (5-7pm) in the Welborn Gallery


Where: Welborn Gallery in the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center at 226 E. Main St., Yadkinville, NC 27055 (open Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm and during special events)



For questions: email – or – call 336.679.2941.


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Photo Credit: Medford, Houck. 37° 00’ 57.2’’ N, 80° 12’ 31.7’’ W (from What Happened?). 2019, Special Collections & Archives, Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University. Platinotype.


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“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

by Emily Clare

A series of monoprints featuring abstract works of native, non native, and exotic invasive species.

On display in the Welborn Gallery: March 2 – April 21, 2023

Join us for an opening reception on March 2, 2023 from 5-7pm / FREE Admission / All are welcome to attend!

About the Exhibit

Emily Clare’s exhibition will call attention to native plants that are essential in our ecosystem, and under extraordinary pressure. The series will include abstract works of native, non native, and exotic invasive species.

Emily’s process includes transferring elements of plant life onto paper, and showing aspects of those elements that are easily missed when viewed in their natural habitats. Her monoprints are often enriched by drawing into them with ink, gouache or watercolor, and by adding cutouts and overlays. She chooses colors after intimate observation, and with respect for the natural world. The finished artwork is a monoprint, a collage, and/or mixed-media with sizes ranging from 5” x 7” to  24” X 30”.

Her intention is to cause people to protect native plant diversity, because our natural world faces existential threats from invasive plants, invasive animals, climate change, and pollution.

Emily Clare Artist Statement

I passionately create art that encourages dialogue about the fragility of our environment and the opportunities we have to protect our native plants from the intrusion of invasive species.

I collect elements of native, exotic, and invasive plants  during nature hikes which I print and weave into abstract drawings, mixed media, and collages. I add color when I consider it to be aesthetically appropriate.

I am inspired to evoke awareness of native, exotic, and invasive plants that compete for the same space. Inappropriate competition adversely affects living things in their environment and beyond. The health of our planet depends in part on our awareness.

What we plant is consequential. 

More Info:

Under The Canopy
Veil of Hunting Island
Tulip Tree Secrets

This project was done with the support of the Winston-Salem & Forsyth County Arts Council – AND – The North Carolina Arts Council.

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History of the Gallery

The Welborn Gallery was named after Marion and Jewell Welborn of Boonville for the generous lead gift they made to the Center’s capital campaign. The Welborns gifted the final funds needed to close the campaign and make possible the opening of the center.  

About The Gallery

Our Welborn Gallery warmly greets every visitor to the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center as soon as you walk in the building. Our Welborn Gallery is designed to expose residents and visitors to continual and varied 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of art. You can always find something to inspire and challenge you with every visit. The Welborn Gallery operates on the same business hours as the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center: Monday thru Friday (9am-5pm) & during special events. We are closed on major federal holidays.

Guidelines For The Welborn Gallery

Portfolio Submission Guidelines for Exhibitions (2023/2024):

Please send 5 – 7 good quality .jpeg digital images of your work. These images should be a fair representation of the work you wish to exhibit at the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, or similar to work you intend to create for the exhibit. Each image should be labeled with the size of the piece, medium, and title.

In addition to providing examples of your work, we request that you provide us with your website with specific instructions to guide us to the selections of art you wish to exhibit.

Other information we require includes a brief description of your exhibition idea. How many art objects? Is there a theme? You’ll also be required to provide information about yourself, your exhibition experience, and your training, if any.

If you are accepted to exhibit with us, you will need approximately 25 to 30 pieces of art at various sizes. All work must be wired for hanging.

For questions about submitting artwork to exhibit in our gallery please email