History of the Welborn Gallery

The Welborn Gallery was named after Marion and Jewell Welborn of Boonville for the generous lead gift they made to the Center’s capital campaign.

The Welborns gifted the final funds needed to close the campaign and make it possible for the Yadkin Arts Council to open the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center.

Weaving Tales
Works by Tapestry Weavers South

 Opens June 2. On display through July 27.

Tapestry Weavers South (TWS) was established in 1996 and currently has 60 members across 16 states. Our artists range from professionals with decades of experience to emerging artists that are learning the art of tapestry. Through individual artist promotion, and public education, TWS endeavors to inform and encourage tapestry traditions in a new generation of weavers across the southeastern region.

Tapestry is often described as painting with yarn and can thus be seen as the combination of fine art with artisanship. Current TWS members hand weave tapestries as diverse as they are unique, ranging from natural, to figural to abstract and geometric imagery continuing a tradition dating to roughly 3000 B.C.E. Over the course of millennia, tapestry weavers have mastered many skills among them drawing, photography, design, and sewing. Many TWS weavers are also skilled in chemistry and color theory, dyeing their own yarns and working to diligently select unique palettes. Above all, tapestry weavers possess a plethora of technical weaving skills used to craft and create the final artworks. Ultimately, these processes are the threads that bind all weavers, ones that require tremendous devotion to and passion for the fiber arts.

With this in mind, the guild’s 2018 annual exhibition in the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center’s Welborn Gallery has the common theme “Weaving Tales,” offering various ruminations on tapestry design, production, and of course the process of weaving art.

Upcoming Exhibit at Welborn Gallery:

Cory Willingham

Five Facets: Variations of Contemporary Realism

Coming August 2nd, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

About The Artist

Cory Willingham

Houston artist Cory Willingham is a contemporary realist and storyteller at heart. After receiving her BFA in Painting in 2010, Cory designed, painted and built stage sets, backdrops and props for a renowned theater production company in New Orleans for six years. She has recently moved back home to Houston to draw inspiration from the city she loves. Like her favorite artists Edward Hopper and James Rosenquist, Cory conveys a complex narrative within deceptively simple imagery. Inspired by her love of nature, psychology and art history, Cory’s common themes revolve around instinct, memory, heritage, and self-determination. The beauty of her work, though, is how these themes are delivered in bold color at face value but, most often, with a sense of wit and levity. Among her best known paintings are the Polaroid series, in which she employs tromp l’oeil to invoke a sense of nostalgia and express a desire to hold on to precious memories.

About The Gallery

Our Welborn Gallery warmly greets every visitor to the Yadkin Cultural Arts Center as soon as you walk in the building. Our Welborn Gallery is designed to expose residents and visitors to continual and varied 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of art. You can always find something to inspire and challenge you with every visit.

Guidelines For The Welborn Gallery

We are accepting portfolio submissions to consider for exhibition during 2018/2019 exhibit years. Proposals will only be accepted via email to curator@yadkinarts.orgVisit our Welborn Gallery today for a transformative and insightful experience every time.