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Back to Basics: A Jazz Dance Workshop at the Willingham Performing Arts Academy – November 18 @ 10am-12pm

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A jazz dance workshop focused on learning and strengthening basic dance techniques. Designed for beginner to intermediate dancers and movers.

WORKSHOP TITLE: Back to Basics” A Jazz Dance Workshop with Instructor, Rachel Conway.
FOCUS: Focused on strengthening and conditioning and accompanied by routines in the jazz dance genre
DATE: Saturday November 18th
TIME: 10am-12pm
AGES: 8 + (for beginner and intermediate dancers and movers)
LOCATION: The Willingham Performing Arts Academy (221 E Main St Yadkinville, NC)
FEE: $20 (with a $5 discount if they are enrolled in other WPAA / YAC programs)

DESCRIPTION: A jazz dance workshop focused on learning and strengthening basic dance techniques. Designed for beginner to intermediate dancers and movers. To help establish a thorough understanding of: basic dance terminology, basic turns and moves, and foundational dance technique (as it applies to the contemporary, jazz, and music theatre dance genres). Workshop begins with a physical warm-up, then explores basic dance combinations that focus on helping develop physical and spacial awareness for performers.

OBJECTIVE: To strengthen and condition, to sharpen skills, build confidence, and help performers overcome things that hold them back like: fear, hesitancy, and self-doubt. To help beginner and intermediate dancers develop a better sense of how their body moves through the space around them. To leave workshop attendees feeling more confident in their bodies and the way they move, encouraging them to continue taking part in dance opportunities in their communities like: musicals, dance classes / workshops, and social dance events like school dances, proms, galas, and weddings / parties.

Whether you prefer to study privately or with a group, WPAA is a great place to grow your artistic talents and sharpen your skills. Offering lessons in vocal, piano, and youth acting throughout the year.

Meet Our Artistic Director

Meet Our Artistic Director

A Little Bit About Charlie:

Charlie Kluttz was born and raised in Concord, NC and moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 2010 to study voice at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. He obtained his Bachelors in Music (Classical Vocal Performance) and worked extensively with community theaters in the area while at UNCSA. Kluttz currently serves as a Music Director, Scenic Painter, and Scenic Designer for the Yadkin Arts Council in Yadkinville, NC. Kluttz also serves as the primary group and private lesson instructor for the Willingham Performing Arts Academy. Additionally, he is the current Music Theatre instructor for the Acting Out! program which operates under the UNCSA School of Drama.

We hope to see you this fall at the Willingham Performing Arts Academy!

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