Ann C. Cooper

Artist bio

My paintings are a fiesta, a celebration of the splendor and wonder of the natural world and the astounding colors found therein. I endeavor to produce work that communicates to me, and others, this bedazzling beauty. I love working in pastel. The rich mixtures and textures have unlimited possibilities.

I am inspired by the Desert Southwest of my childhood – the immense sky, the billowing clouds, the vast panoramas with the passage of the sun, climaxing in stunning sunsets. I am transported by the lush plant and animal/bird life of my adult home, North Carolina. And I am totally charmed and beguiled by the culture and vivid splendor of México, proprietor of my heart.

Furthermore, I am totally fascinated by faces. Some reveal the soul. Others are so delightful they make me giggle. While still others simply take my breath away. I never tire of striving to capture the magic.