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Sandra Kimzey Wimbish is an artist living in Clemmons, NC. Her art celebrates the beauty of the natural world, with focuses on people, animals, flowers, and landscapes. Much of her work is inspired by her world travels. Her greatest goal is to entice the viewer to enter and enjoy a world they might not have explored—whether because it is a location they’ve never been, or because they are seeing something familiar from a different vantage point or unique perspective and expression.

Sandra expresses her creativity through a variety of mediums including acrylics, colored pencil, graphite, and ink, often intermixing a combination to achieve the desired effects. One of Sandra’s current focuses is her American Wildlife series, which includes both ink and graphite works. She also continues to explore unique combinations and increasing fluidity with her floral themed canvases and landscapes, often combining acrylics with colored pencil.

Sandra has exhibited and taught art in her previous homes in Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and North Carolina. One of her favorite art installations in recent years is a mural/mosaic installation at Laurel Hills Park in Raleigh, NC as recipient of a local art grant.

For more information, for inquires or to check out more of Sandra’s art, visit:
on Facebook @SandraWimbishArt
on Instagram at SandraKimzeyWimbish


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