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I have leapt once again into the abyss of creative expression, after a career of marketing strategy.  Now, I dream of reality made abstract, weaving small slices of life that I magnify until the interplay of color, texture and pattern within are revealed.  First imagined are the colors – reflecting the emotional foundation.  Is the color palette to be complimentary, discordant, or neutral varies with the subject, but is always bold and charismatic.  Next I layer in texture, expressed in fabrics, fibers, paint, wire and beading.  Last I add a dash of complexity, and chaos embedded with stability – through infusion of patterns and unexpected materials.Studio Focus: Parched from a long drought of artistic expression, I am greedy in the conception and creation of my arts and crafts, jumping frequently from project to project, medium to medium and back and forth from art to craft and back again…  Currently I dabble in many forms of textiles, as well as plastics, acrylic painting, paper, metal, and aluminum cans.

My studio is usually open to the public Wednesday through Friday 10:00 – 4:00, or by appointment anytime.  My studio space is not only the place where I create art, but also my artisan gallery.  I create and sell a wide range of items, with a price range from $15.00 pendants to $500.00 wall hangings, and frankly a little of everything in-between.  You can also commission the perfect unique piece too, designed especially for you.


I love teaching and sharing arts and crafts techniques.  Currently I have several classes that you can take including:  Beginning Fabric Collage, Fabric Pendants, Paper Flowers, Floor Cloths, and Calligraphy.  New classes are under development including Macrame, Batik, and Christmas Ornaments.

About me:

Born and raised in Yadkin County, I was recognized at an early age as an artist. Returning to Yadkin County after graduation from UNN – Greensboro, I devoted my first career to creating and implementing one-to-one Database Marketing Strategy and Tactics for a Fortune 100 company.  Now, fully immersed in my second career, I continue to explore creative expression through multimedia art and writing.