Beth Andrews

Artist bio

Throughout my life as an artist, I have increasingly found that the deeper I look into the fabrics and threads of life and creation, the more I find that those things which may appear dramatically opposed to each other on the surface are often connected at their very essence. Much of my work is about exploring those different cultures, styles, media, and perceptions and creating a sense of wholeness and balance between those seemingly disparate elements. I frequently use gold leaf, and images of keys, and birds in my work as I explore our perception of the world and what we believe has value, what we long for and what we throw away. I believe that the awareness of beauty is a powerful experience, one that creates a pause from our usual mental chatter. It allows us a glimpse of the Transcendent nature of life. Beauty calls out to us of the mystery of Life. I am inspired by beauty in all its forms and aspire to create moments of beauty in my art.

Studio D

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