Joan Means

Artist bio

My inspiration comes from the beauty of God’s nature, which includes all that we can see and perceive in our surroundings.

I have come from several heart places to be here. My first heart place is Shelby, NC where I was born to a nurturing family. Our parents appreciated our efforts and encouraged our abilities and talents. My second heart place is my adopted community of associates and friends in Yadkin, Forsyth and Davie Counties. My husband and I raised our three sons right along with the rhododendrons and conifers in our family operated wholesale nursery and landscape design/build company.

The heart place in my career has been as an Art Educator (K-12). During these years I enjoyed encouraging students to see the beauty in their everyday surroundings. Together we challenged ourselves to solve the artist’s task of communication through visual imaging. I also have come from a heart place of great Christian faith. This faith has held me steadfastly in all my everyday thoughts, tasks and dreams. I give thanks for all these places in my heart.

So, wherever your heart place is – faith, family, career, friendships and relationships, there’s a story in each for expression.

Oh, the places we will go and the things we will do!